Severe Weather Alert App for Android

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It’s that time of year again, so we thought we would review a very cool app for android.  It’s called Simple Weather Alert and it is just that. Not a lot of frills with this one but it gets the job done. This app is really a must, especially if you live in areas where severe weather can arrive at a moments notice. Sometimes we do not get much warning when severe weather might strike or we are in an area where we are not privy to news or weather related warnings. Most of us keep our phones handy and this app can provide non intrusive, quiet alerts for weather related news. This app is simple enough for anyone to use. For you weather buffs, it will provide you with information on current conditions or conditions that might be interesting for you to observe. This app for android comes highly recommended.

 Simple Weather Alert Features

+ Monitor NWS weather alerts/warnings for your particular area

+ Select how to be notified (lights, bell, vibrate)

+ Modify notification based on NWS severity (go crazy for extreme alerts, such as Tornado Warning)

+ Alerts keep you updated automatically as long as you have connectivity

+ Search the alert list when there are several alerts and read the details and instructions for the   2MOST SEVERE, as well as any EXTREME weather conditions.

+ An app widget added to your home screen allows for easy toggling of lights, vibrate and sound settings. The alerts will still be checked and put on your status bar though, so you can keep an eye on it without it causing distraction.

+ Create a list of words and when an alert is received that contains those words or phrases, it will be marked in the list with an icon, and the phrases will be highlighted.

+ Email an alert to loved ones or send via text message (requires Contacts List permission), so they can be warned as well.

+ Input your location by county, city,zip code or let the app find your phone location by GPS or network providers.

As we are all aware, the weather has been a bit rough over the past year. Get the Simple Weather Alert app for android and be confident that you will be aware of all current conditions and severe weather as it occurs. For someone who lives in the Midwest, this is a godsend and could save the lives of those you care most for.

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