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Regardless of whether they own a cell phone or not, pert near everyone has been in a store and heard an Android App for ringtones in action. It is hard to miss various sounds announcing someone is receiving a call on their mobile device .  The ringtones range from cool popular song snippets to humorous sounds such as a witch cackling.  My son has a special ringtone on his phone that says, “Oh No it’s my mother calling!  What does she want?  What have I done now?”  As soon as I heard that I began my quest for the best Android App for ringtones that would have the perfect sound to reflect my personality or my interests.  I was surprised to find a multitude of free cool ringtone apps out there.

There are so many options available I was finding it difficult to narrow it down to one or two.  After looking over tons and tons of Android App ringtone sites, I finally found one that was the perfect fit for me.  My choice was Zedge Ringtones. I settled on Zedge for a variety of reasons.  Number one being that my teenage son recommended it highly. But there are plenty of cool features beyond that.  Let’s go over a few here.

Zedge Android AppZedge Ringtone App

:  High quality ringtones, notification sounds

:  Ringtone and notification sounds can be set directly from the app

:  The ability to manage and organize downloaded things in “Downloads”

:  Live sync with on-line favorites.

I finally settled on the Smurf ringtone and Angry Birds notification tone.  Silly I know, but it has me written all over it. Of course everyone has different likes and dislikes but it is just the right Android App for ringtones for me.