Android App: Fake-A-Call Free

Android App : Fake a Call

Cool Android App called Fake-A-Call Free. Yup, it is what the name indicates. Need to get out of a lousy date or boring meeting? Program a call to come in at a specified time and voila! Great way to excuse yourself! In days of old I used to have friends call if I anticipated wanting out of a social situation. Now I no longer have to rely on them to call me at a pre-scheduled time. Sneaky? Yes. But who hasn’t needed this in their lifetime? I could probably use it at least once a month. If nothing else, it’s fun to play with. Here are some of the features Android App: Fake-A-Call Free

*Autofill from contacts
*Select your own ringtones
*Record ‘voice on other end’
*Schedule fake calls

Mixed results on some of the reviews I have read. See what you think on the functionality. There is also a paid version, but this particular one is free and can be found at Google Play.

Give it a try, this is an fun, fun Android App  users.

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