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Review of Popular Android Apps

Android App: Fake-A-Call Free

Cool Android App called Fake-A-Call Free. Yup, it is what the name indicates. Need to get out of a lousy date or boring meeting? Program a call to come in at a specified time and voila! Great way to excuse yourself! In days of old I used to have friends call if I anticipated wanting out of a social situation. Now I no longer have to rely on them to call me at a pre-scheduled time. Sneaky? Yes. But who hasn’t needed this in their lifetime? I could probably use it at least once a month. If nothing else, it’s fun to play with. Here are some of the features Android App: Fake-A-Call Free *Autofill [...]


Severe Weather Alert App for Android

It’s that time of year again, so we thought we would review a very cool app for android.  It’s called Simple Weather Alert and it is just that. Not a lot of frills with this one but it gets the job done. This app is really a must, especially if you live in areas where severe weather can arrive at a moments notice. Sometimes we do not get much warning when severe weather might strike or we are in an area where we are not privy to news or weather related warnings. Most of us keep our phones handy and this app can provide non intrusive, quiet alerts for weather [...]


Android App for Ringtones

Regardless of whether they own a cell phone or not, pert near everyone has been in a store and heard an Android App for ringtones in action. It is hard to miss various sounds announcing someone is receiving a call on their mobile device .  The ringtones range from cool popular song snippets to humorous sounds such as a witch cackling.  My son has a special ringtone on his phone that says, “Oh No it’s my mother calling!  What does she want?  What have I done now?”  As soon as I heard that I began my quest for the best Android App for ringtones that would have the perfect sound to reflect my [...]


Apps For Android: Lottery Results App

Oh my! I just picked up the Apps For Android Lottery Results. I actually saw this one advertised on my local news channel! This is a great addition to my app collection. If you play the lottery, this one’s for you. Each time I buy a ticket, there is always a scramble to find the winning numbers. This is perfect for me! Not only does it give me lottery results for up to one year but it will also gives me information on payout and prize level. For sure this app is like winning the lottery itself! The following is the list of what the app tracks in terms of state [...]


The New Android Apps for Angry Birds

Check out the New Android Apps for Angry Birds! Are you an Angry Bird addict like I am? Even if you are not a fan, there is no way to escape this very popular brand. It’s everywhere! Notice on your trips to Target, Wal Mart or any other main retailer, you are confronted with Angry Bird merchandise. Well, for those of you who haven’t kept up, there is a NEW Angry Birds game called Angry Birds Space. I recently downloaded the app for it and am totally excited about having a new version of Angry Birds to play! And yes, this one is extremely cool. Some of the phases were [...]